Saturday, October 31, 2009


well i am a 24 i am a full time student in a body shop in milwaukee i am very goofy person i love playing jokes on people and just having fun. i used to be a shoe and clothing junky before i caught the modbug bad. i mean real bad. my favorite food is chinese and mexican i dont like burgers that much no more there on every damn corner for 0.99 cents so wtf man i recently have found what i want to do with my life is work on cars is all i know really i stop being a it geek after i started modding so i just took a break from college and started to work.
my favorite music is james brown and funk soul and old school hip-hop i not feeling none of these new artist they suck balls and talk about their chains too much for me. ever since i hit the nike outlet back up i have been getting back on my shoe and clothing game im sick of buying all these white tee's now i am ready to start dressing again just have to get a good job after i graduate 12/21/09 then ill be straight. some time i feel weird cause i am the only black kit that i know that like import it seems like my ex would have by back but i don't think she really understood. all my friends are chevy boys so i'm in a league of my own. is funny the looks i get when i roll into the parking lot with syn ( my car name is syn) and those bright 12000k hid white kids think i'm in a Ferrari. lmao some times i just feel like a loner and the only people that know or understand me are people that i know that came from bigger cities. some times it sucks being a loner. u can relate to everyone else but no 1 can relate to u but i am dealin with it day by day

my sc's revenge

I have been a proud Lexus owner for almost 4 years now is something about this car that just makes me not want another car at all. but between this car and my other Lexus i have lost touch of what i really wanted to build so i finally decided what i wanted to do

back in 07
i had 20" rims
apexi air intake
tien coilovers

when i bought car in sept 2006 it was just a toy to have after i lost my supra. i crash the car playing around in the streets into a fence lol i was a young and stuped i am ready to go back to my sc4 and have some fun. i have seen some killer deals on craigslist in my area. shit is just gowing for dirt numbers so i have been trying to sell some of my stuff as well.

but after last week
10/22/09 i caught some 18/10 +40 lowenhart bs5 rims for 250.00 wrapped in 285/30 perlli p zero's what a steal. my only prob is i wanted some lip like my other rims had but ow well also caught a ls4 bbk (big brake kit) for free so i have just been catchin all these deals. it seems like more people are willing to barter items now instead of selling them outright. this economy and resscion and taken a toll on the way us american think. being an internet consumer is the shit.

but last night i started to buy stuff such as some fatlace stuff and some nice suspention mods.
on Thursday is going the body shop at school so i can get all that old primer and shit off of it so it can look decent till i fully paint the car. other than that is still running hard like the day i bought it but is the weekend and thiers nothing really to do at all in boring Milwaukee cant wait 30 till graduation. but is Halloween an i don't know what i should get into today. can wait to really start modding this car. only problem is thiers no real cars in milwaukee at least from what i have seen only 3 supras prob a dozen 240's and a smorgashbaord of hondas