Saturday, January 23, 2010

testing the waters

i got bored tonight nothing to do i really dont want to spend any more cash as of now. my favorite food place burned down last week lol wtf. so i deceied to see if i am worthy to get on  my hands on some HF AND WFC  stickers

Friday, January 15, 2010

project done

got the ls kit officially done i so happy i didnt go with red or black paint damn this gold is the shit.  is so pretty i have all my brakes and suspention coverd i am just missing the rest for the turbo swap and i am good becideds the aero kit and the manual tranny things are looking good  duces

what do u think of the colors do u think i am a good painter or what

Friday, January 8, 2010

jdm goodies



 well after it snowing all waeek i walk to the post office and ship of morer packages to Cl memebers is kinda odd but it feels good to give back to the lexus community i just tired of all these fucking noobs getting and asking dumb ass questions that can be founded if they just use the search button.

I think i have grown up a lot since the last year with all the stuff i bought last year for my 1jz then sold then bought again well now i am parting out more shit i shoulden't of even bought. i feel like a women who buys stuff cause they have the bread to spend lol well now that i am in the poor house i gotta part and clean the garage out to make space for more car crap im  i just bought  so much for investing in the stock market. lol