Monday, February 22, 2010

time to get in where i fit in

since i have gotten everything i need to make my first attempt to get into hellaflush and the wrong fitment crew im anxoious to see if i can get it. is been a hella of a week between my wheel bearings going out  and shit loads of parts ariving at the house i have been busy with  parting out these few cars i found at a scrap yard. nothing like making a few hundred dollers in a few days i tore those cars down so fast the guy offerd me a job. lol out of all the places i have been for a jobs some 1 has finally seen how fast i can move with my tooks and took a chance on me. well with no futher adue heres my sc looks alot different with spacers tint is comming off this week i hope(pending weather) lot more to come