Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring cleaning

last night after a good dream i saw somthing. somthing that i never seen and is kinda funny  how god shows u stuff but last night it became so clear. so i gotta do what i deamed about.  but i saw this black shadow with a soft voice. it told to me to " walk the path and all problems shall be solved and doors that were closed for a long time will be open. " when i got out of bed htis morning i felt so good i felt like i lost 10lbs my clothes fit me all dat good stuff is paining me to so thisbut i have to let some stuff go for this plan to work

COMPLETE 1jz head up for sale 500.00

1jz valve covers

comlplete 1jz cylender head 350.00

1jz FFIM 200.00 shipped

Tanabe sway bar bushings

1jz manifold and wastegate 50mm watsegate 175.00

sc400 headers 400.00 sold

rota d2 rims 500.00

stock supra swaybar 90.00

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

took these 2 weeks ago on a nice and foggy night

my sc 2weeks

shannons mc

IGNORANCE at is finest

after a long day of work and class i am leaving to go get my hair cut while at the end of my cut. a white lac pulls up to my shop and sits behend my car. is my ex new BF  and come to find out  he was  loosend  my lug nuts while i was getting my hair cut we didnt pay it no mind in the shop because we knew he wasnt going to come in. we wished he would it was only me and my hommie in thier and the owner.

but the guy takes off in the lac and acts like he wants to hit me with the car. so i i got in my sc and chased them but i came outta the corner fast and hard need less to say i didnt know what the time that my studs were loose. and after the situation calm down im going home just to think over what happen and my wheel just falls off. i was pulling into the gastation and was almost in the station and my wheel fell completely off.

 my ex think i am scary or dont wanna fight him but i left the old me in the past that was 7months ago and now i just wanna chill peacefully. but i dont know whats going to happen to me or him or her honeslty im trying to ride the peaceful route i dont car about my sc as much as i care about my life cars are a dime of dozen my life i never knew people were so ignoranet lol but let this be a lesson to u guys who have crazy x's watch your sc i reeally thought this sc made me happy for the past 3 years tonight after looking at the damage i dont care is just a car and yea i am car crazy. but im love crazy as well and i rather be with my new chick than with this fucking car so the sc going up for now till  my new goodies come in sat thank god i got people like family and club lexus family thank all you guys for helping me out people calling asking am i good donating parts and all that im fine

im at the crib laughing at these irnogrent bitter as people they want to fight me cause thier life sucks
i just wanna say this to you shari if u ever  read this i dont care about u or james i dont even come on your side of town Y are u so bitter shari you left me for him and now u not happen i remeber a few months ago you said u wanna me to feel how u felt i got bad news i was only salty for the first 3 weeks that u left me and after that well u know the rest !!! move on with your life like i have good luck to u and mt james i dont care bout yall thats y i dont call u i know u wanna see my sexy face and my colgate smile. i know u want this love but like u told me im to late im finally happy to hear my self say those words cause not only did you prove how stuped  and ignorant  you prove that you need to grow up is kinda funny how you said me and my baber run trains on you  my barber said " he wouldent touch ur fat sloppy joe eat ass witha 10ft pole" stop lying to people cause end the end all ths comming back to you im going to be happy after you. yea i loved you for 2 years but ow well love ends some day for everyone and now hopfully you can love him cause u dont need me  and i still look fresh in my dingie ass white tee BITCH


vertex t&e kit comming soon