Friday, April 30, 2010

illest !!!!

last of my old parts laying around i forgot about it till i dieced to clean my piece of trash i really need to get my sc back in shape i feel a little embaressed that is gotten this bad but it will get a fresh cleaning soon !!!  the money is  amolost thier just saving a  bit more beofre i decied what to do i really would like to paint it

smashed up wise lip. 100.00 shipped

t3/t4 garrett turbo charger 150.00

18" tires 35.00 per tire

rear supra tails 80.00 shipped

Thursday, April 29, 2010

last of the oem stuff

brakes for a sc300 in great condition. the rotors are in great condition the calipers are good i replaced the pass side with a new 1 from napa

working climate control 75.00

in luck for do-luck

last night i wa shopping on line and WTF i guess i have heally good luck cause i found some rare stuff  on ebay not 1 but 2x do-luck STB so i feel like i caught  hard i mean hard i feel like i always get stuff when i am shopping for my car since i been selling more stuff i have been buying alot more  but i honored to sell these i bought 1 for a jzz30 sc300 or supra and a 95 S14 as always this is for sale

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

s30 goodies

today i was at work for a bit looking around the yard and i found some s30 goodies a full piston brake kit with slotted rotors and got them for the low. lol  so u know as well i am selling these dont need them since i am going to let the Zcar go soon

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cleaning the ex up

my ex last year before our break up took my sc in to a curb trying to drift the car like she seen me do in the other sc in front of her so she killed my wise sports  lip lol and murderd my brand new rota wheels at the time but im back to repair these and to whip them into shape. they looked like these after she murder them

then i sold my other sc to another guy and bough the wheels back needed them for a ls bbk cam back even worse  chips of paint were missing it was nicked all over and the lips were more damaged.

so after some good sanding and feather edginingi whipped them in to shape for primer tommrow after noon i'm puzzeld on what color to paint them but ill figured tommorw

you can see here what they look like when they werent damaged after i painted them and yea i painted that red stripe back in 09


2nd step

final out come

now thier sitting primerd up  in my garage looking good in black primer as of 4/22/2010

sold for $$$.$$

Thursday, April 15, 2010

usps ftw

so the usps messed up my shipment and sent my stuff back came out looking like this

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

more parts

just got a few more parts left over hks styled 50mm wastegate 65.00

sard bov 100.00
sard boost gaguse authintic not that cheap ebay shit. 75.00