Saturday, October 2, 2010

damn ebay....

thought the pass 8 years that i have been building cars i have bought so much off of ebay is a shame but this takes the carke bought a oil cap doesnt fit is a hayama made for supra motors it looks really nice lets  see if i can get a fitting 1 also it has a hairline crack in it so i know it was prob a bad 1

not bad for 8.88

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


have u ever heard the term dig deep, Real deep the last few weeks i have been  just wanting to change. i love my sc but i think i am reay to sell it so today i am going to list is really for sale online right now and see what i i can get for it

i was looking at an s14 kouki (97-98)  or s2000 ap1 wish me luck if this guy buys my motor i am selling the car

Friday, September 17, 2010

wacth me do me!

i have an hell of updatde i finally got to shoot some pics with my htc evo

htc evo pics had a blast

after lee had bounce i shot a few more


as of right now i feel so good even though i dont have any real money comming in  i feel like i got what i have been wanting all year. my 1 freaking jz vvti is just sitting after just looking at it on pics on the pc from sitting my garage it just feels good to have i know this is going to be a slow build but is well worth it maybe 2jz vvti in a few years after i sell the sc lol but is all good motor good for the go now is time to go 5spd

mother fuckers bent my shifter but they didnt know i was fucking with c's lmao for the win

right now i'm flat broke with winter comming i am having a hard time selling my wheels for what i asking. (1300.00) or 900.00 + ur winter rims and tires

so i was thinking of taking them to a pawn shop to see what i could get kinda crazy huh?

18x10 +40 lowenhart BS5

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

crea8tive expression update on SYNN (black car)

i have been modding this car for almost 3 years from good to bad to worse finally got it looking half way decent. tonight i am looking on craigstlist for parts and i just searched sc300 and i saw my car up for sale i said WTF!  some 1 took my pics and use them to sell thier car i am like damn outta all the sc' pictures you could have stole u use mine lol i not going to lie it did feel good so see some 1 use my pic. but at the same time i am like " i work hard to get my car looking that" good before it was damaged.  but ow well i got some good new viewers lmao i took some new pics. so i will be taking my old 1 down lol or 1 good pic i should say.

i have been saving my bread for almost 3 months to get this a 1jz vvti swap with a r154  so i can finally go to an open drift day.but bad news lurks in my bedroom my other wants to go on a vaction. i feel like i will never get this and when i do is going to be to late. i will be as old as my pops still tryin to street race. only 1 problem is that i dont street race anymore i gotten outta of not really fun no more.

the rsx seats are finally re bolted in and fit okay (i am tired of hitting my head on my car head liner. )i need some loward seat rails

since my birthday is less than a month away the big 2 5 lol i know what i want for my bday half of it i already got 1 part was a new GF god i cant lie if feels good to be with some 1 that just make me laugh KarmelKandy but the other part is that i want a new fucking raido i hate my peice of shit raido. this is what i want new used off craigslist as long as it works we know i am not picky :


also i got the do-luck bar installed that i was going to sell i really notice the difference in the car is alot more stiff on the front end of the car and has NO roll what so ever was a pain in the arse to install i was really ment a mecanhic to install so i guess i got it on

 i guess all those new mods paid off cause the car is handling better than ever no body roll the car steering is very  responsive just want to get new rear bushings and wheel bearings i am sure there worn out by now but till we get thier this is whats up so far

zeal coilovers
prothane lca and uca bushinrs
tanabe sway bar
do-luck stb
new front wheel bearing
ls bbk
slotted and drilled rotors fron and rear
new sway bar endlings
enegry sway bar bushings
new steering rack with daizen rack bushings
new otter and inner tie rods
cv boots
all i need now is a new motor, paint job, fender, aliment  and a oil change lmao all comming soon

i cannot wait to get my new motor everyone is using that old as 1jz motor  i just so happy to get me 1 from a jzx100 chaser i know that thing is going to haual ass. since everyone from clublexus is doing the same thing i feels good to try somthing different

comming soon

jzx100 1jz vvti  motor (waiting on it from jhot already on the waiting list for it and yea is a r154 BITCHES) :

Friday, May 21, 2010


i put the tans in damn that loos so good

as usual i did some diggin and came up with these rsx seats 550.00 shipped all around the U.S.
u know i take paypal

had these spacers laying around for awhile since my fender got smash cant slam my car no lower

                                                             +50 and +30 wheel spacers