Friday, November 20, 2009

free stuff

free sc3/4 mufflers will fit all years

3 sets of fron sc3 calipers comes will all hardware needed

complete rear ls kit comes with all rotors pads calipers brakets

bose amp bfi airbox and rear seatbelt

free front tan seat will fit sc3 and 400

i went to visit my mom today and i hae so much left over shit from both of my cars so if anyone needs some lexus stuff u can have it for FREE i know times are hard for alot of us right now.

cubans not for sale

also got theser cuban cigars yea real cubans for graduation wonder who else is gonna spark off with me dont need that cheap weed got some real cuban siago III  and some domenican also

that job hunt

went looking for a job today no luck and 1 week to late it seems no 1 is hiring hopfuly i gett his job at midtown autobody. im startin to get nervious that i wont find a job i dont wanna be working at sentrys bagging grocecies or bus driving bad ass kids around. ow well work outta the garage. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

da smoking gun


   buick easy to fix but hard when ur a amry reject thats y they gave it to me to fix  


                                   1 more try at this car asshole keyed my car 

                                   my mexican  hommie custom BMX helmet i cleared 

the life saving sata gun shit saved my ass this afternoon after my gun jammed  but i got what i payed for so i am going to have to stop being cheap and buy a real gun 1 day

just fucking around and made some candy paint on my break.
( candy paint really is just paint with a tint. for u guys that dont know shit u can make candy with any tint  not pearl a peal will only add flakes and will change the base of the paint)

i dont understand y people have to hate on u. some ahole at school keyed both of my project cars i dont fuck with people at school i keep to my self and i complete my cars before my deadline and some douche decideds to just key both of my cars my eclipse i finished 2 days ago and the wagon i finished to day i mean the key scratch was so deep i was like damn. Is down to bare metel wtf. but since i was staying late all week to help other my teacher let me use his paint gun. this is 1 of the smooth and lightest guns i have used. but i finished the eclipse in no time took bout 1 hr to paint and clear coat.  th wagon i don't even wanna talk about hook my home boys helmet up after i drew on it lol. i guess my skills are getting better no runs in the paint  and my teach says im built for this lol feels good to finally get a compliment.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

attack of the chevy


i am so damn tired needless to say i have stayed after school the last 2 days trying to help people out and i feel so burned out but today i tried to do my friend a favor and needless to say. people are asses. my guy has this old ass 20 year old caprice classic with some old ass 1 stage enamal paint. i buffed it so shine but it just woulden't give i also took the pin stripping off the car and is been sun burned in as well but he's one of the people that ask 20 thousand ??? just to say he was right and will avoid the right question . but in the end the car cam out ok wasnt my favorite but looked better than what i thought i burned off his old paint on accident so u knew he was on my ass just told him to repaint his old chevy p.o.s. but it did look alot better after i buffed it and took that pin stirpin off of it. on the way to pick him up from school some guy offered me 2200.00 for this pos is runs drives fine but feels like a giant ass tug boat

Monte C


yesterday when everyone left i paint ANOTHER MONTE CARLO and a MITSUBISHI eclipse no wonder i can never get home cause i'm always at school doing others work but ow well more experence for me. the eclipse after drying came out bad ass i had a small run in the paint but nothing a razor and some 2000 grit paper cant fix

incase u cant tell the monte was painted blue

Saturday, November 14, 2009

cappin so hard

last night my and my hommie went to the Nike outlet. need less to say u know i never come back empty handed 1 pair of kicks, 2 pairs of sandlas, 1 polo and a thermal for 75 not a bad deal. but 1 hr lady when we just getting back to the city i get a text from my hommie zeal "a hommie i got that Pioneer for u" i'm like wtf so i had to capped to him so he gave it up for 150.00 i've waited 6 months fo this since that some 1 did some weak shit so god came through for me. so finally got me a nav lol guess which car this is going in....

Friday, November 13, 2009

called FATLACE no luck

god damn i shoulda bought this watch back in july but due to me actin a fool over my well i don't know to call her my x or what cause we still talk lol but i did somthing dumb and now i want this watch for my  graduation it would look so good on me but i gotta pray 1 goes up on ebay i am on that bitch. like white folks on spagetti with no seasoning. i called fatlace this watch was sold out in 10 min online WTF niggas didnt even have a chance to even copp it ill catch it eventually

busy as ever... getting my school house rock on... 30days and running till graduation

i felt i have came so far from learning in class to applying my self in the shop this is the first time i painted somthing  in 2008 fucked it up but now i know what not to do when i am wetting somthing.

this acura was my first time spraying pearl paint ( factory candy) came out just like it should look like a pro sprayed it (me)

monte and acura bumper i sprayed pearl and a dual stage

some body fuck this lady up but i helped her out  fix that fender and bumper

i have been so busy at day school and night school i have not had time to just sit in chill. this is the first friday i have had in a while just to relax. but i have been knock out cars like it anint shit at school. I also been applying for jobs outta state and in state so far still waiting for that call from west coast customs lol hope they see this lmao (doubt it) but i got the job at midtown auto. ( seem like cool people we shall see) but my teacher says i have a gift and i feel that i do. it  just took me some time to find what i'm  good at using my hands but ow well 30 days and counting for graduation i doubt the people i want to come are going to show so ow well. but i know who will be their fo sho thats all that matters but i haven't had a chance to work on none of my cars at all. i'm not gonna lie it feels so good to just be able to sit down and not have towork like a dog i haven't felt like this in a min. i said i wasn't going to show off my portfolio for a min but what the hell 30 and runnin What u know about dat!  is so fun taking over people project that fuck up in class c what shit likes when i touch it king midus lol

came out so clean felt good to make some 1 smile

OMG this black saab was a pain in the ass my teacher said the car was racist and didn't like me . it never started for me  turned off while i was driving it check engine lights u name it it happen but i finally finished it yesterday

                             after i sprayed the primer down came out so wet with NO RUNS

(i wanted to finish the car but my teach had to leave earlier than expected but ow well theirs always monday.)

have u ever seen some 1 so dumb at work it makes u pity them cause u have to stop what ur doing to help them well i have a few of those in school lmao. this kid only put 1 coat of primer on this huge ass wagon then 240'ed  it UMMM can u say burn through i prime and painted this is 3 hours he's been working on this car for 2 weeks what a douchse  " umm cam'ran i didnt know u have to put more than 1 coat of primer down" i really had to ask him again "did u really work at macco" wow if this what kinda employees macco has i feel sorry for cusomters lmao but anyway i'm out getting ready go to the nike outlet to go shopping for some graduation shoes

Sunday, November 8, 2009

thanks Donetha....

after sleeping in late because of a   3am road  trip to....... i got home on sat and just chilled but damn i didn't even know it was 70 degrees in wi in nov. WTF  but today i made sure i got outta the crib so i went to my moms house and what do u know i have these nice pioneer speakers that this chick i clapped up god know when along time ago. im not gonna lye this chick knew how to keep me happy she showered me with car parts. so thanks donetha for the pionner speakers if u read this ever. they work good

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


well alot of people say they have never seen me with a fresh cut so here u go clean face and not a beard that looks like dried up taco meat but here u go but man i had a real bad fucking day my lug nutz feel off da black sc in the shop i was 3/4  to school and i had to turn all da way around and on top of that my rack and pinion steering  is fubared in my car so i need a new 1 so much for me ridin clean on my lowenharts and starting the body work on the grey car i really wanted to give that car away as a gift with the lowenharts but ow well thier going to have to wait what a day what a day shame i got this cute face and no 1 wants me ! ow well

Monday, November 2, 2009

30 days and counting.....

in thirty days ill be graduating from college. I never thought I would make it this far it seems like everything i have ever done i have quit at because i hated. but i acutally succeded at this. so toady i paid my graduation fee it seems like everyone is now being so nice to me lol is feels good to complete somthing that takes time to build up skillz at. But really i just want those people who belived in me to see me moon walk across the the stage. and to make those people ass that are those fakers hate me even more the people who played me out  this graduation is just for you. when i show off this piece of paper this will show u i am not a quitter but a winner. so get prepaired because im about to moonwalk up and down yall asses when i walk across that stage feelin like a millions bucks on 1 of my finest day

Sunday, November 1, 2009

what to do

i bought this car last year is my pride and joy sc300. i have bought 4 sets of rims this year, new 1jz cylinder head, exhuast, turbo, ic, rsx seats etc. but yet  i still fell like the cars is missing somthing. the only reason i boguht an auto cause my girl needed a car to drive back and fourth. but now that she gone and i am driving my grey car i just feel like i dont need the car anymore is just taking up space in my garage.
        with the economy being so bad i am having a hard time just selling the car. I feel like i am stuck with a car that i don't want. is kinda crazy how i got this car i just was in bed 1 night and i prayed to god that i wanted this car in the color and year and model and now i don't want it. i know that i have been blessed and i feel bad cause i took my blessing for granted. i think i might just sell it this comming summer. i enjoy the car a lot but man. ever since i started driving my grey car again i know my car feels like that Integra in that Honda commercial. some times i have to ask my self is it really worth the money modding all these car but then yea it is cause if i ever get a business saying that 2 of your project cars were Lexus but ow well tommorw i have to repair that wise lip at school so i can put it on the grey car maybe i will just put the black car back to stock and just drive it like miss daisy. somtimes i feel like i let my self down i have always been a creative person  and love to try new things and proving people wong but where did I as a person go wrong maybe i just had too much money at that time and just pissed it away on stupied stuff or maybe i am just to nice and should have went to buy the 5spd at the time instead of this auto but is what i ask god for just for got to ask for a manual but he gave me 1 to take but i picked some 1 i loved at the time and still love today and treid to make this work for them but thats another story and another time. so what would u do if u felt like this would u sell the car or keep it and if u were to sell it how much would u sell it for.