Tuesday, September 28, 2010


have u ever heard the term dig deep, Real deep the last few weeks i have been  just wanting to change. i love my sc but i think i am reay to sell it so today i am going to list is really for sale online right now and see what i i can get for it

i was looking at an s14 kouki (97-98)  or s2000 ap1 wish me luck if this guy buys my motor i am selling the car

Friday, September 17, 2010

wacth me do me!

i have an hell of updatde i finally got to shoot some pics with my htc evo

htc evo pics had a blast

after lee had bounce i shot a few more


as of right now i feel so good even though i dont have any real money comming in  i feel like i got what i have been wanting all year. my 1 freaking jz vvti is just sitting after just looking at it on pics on the pc from sitting my garage it just feels good to have i know this is going to be a slow build but is well worth it maybe 2jz vvti in a few years after i sell the sc lol but is all good motor good for the go now is time to go 5spd

mother fuckers bent my shifter but they didnt know i was fucking with c's lmao for the win

right now i'm flat broke with winter comming i am having a hard time selling my wheels for what i asking. (1300.00) or 900.00 + ur winter rims and tires

so i was thinking of taking them to a pawn shop to see what i could get kinda crazy huh?

18x10 +40 lowenhart BS5